Keep your to-do list
short, useful and motivating.

postpone helps you to focus on what you really have to do. Now.

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"Keeping a to-do list short is one of the most fundamental working skills."

Forget about reminders. Just postpone


This task can wait? Postpone it!

This is the best way to keep a to-do list short, useful and motivating. Hide everything you don't need to care about at the moment.

postpone will automaticaly push the tasks to you at the right time.

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The Task Box

The central point of postpone

The Task Box is the central point of postpone. Here, you will find tasks that require your attention now.

Open the Task Box when starting your day as you open your email client.

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To always know if you have something to do, we also created the "Postpone Notifications" Chrome Extension.

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Share workspaces, easily.

On postpone, each user can choose to share some workspaces with other users.

No company account, user management is decentralised.


Assign, notify, delegate. Whatever.

You already know this feature. Type '@' and simply choose the user you want to involve in the task.

The user will receive an invitation to collaborate with you on your workspace.

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Your Goal? An empty Task Box!


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