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short, useful and motivating.

We help teams and organizations focus on what they have to do. Now.

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Too many tasks? No focus.

How often have you checked your never-ending to-do list and asked yourself: "What should I do now?"

If your first task of the day is to manage your to-do list, there is something wrong. The fact is that keeping a to-do list short is a fundamental organizational skill.

The reality? We all postpone things. Every day. Don't be ashamed — everybody does it.

This task can wait? Postpone it!

Forget about reminders. Just Postpone.

This is the best way to keep a to-do list short, useful and motivating. Hide everything you don't need to deal with at that moment.

Postpone will automatically push the tasks to you at the right time.


Made for Teams


United we stand, divided we fall.

In Postpone, everything has been done to help teams and organizations collaborate. Use tools like comments, @mentions, emails reminders and invitations to get things done together.


Built for developers.

With Postpone Connect and the Postpone REST API we give the developer community full access to users’ data.

We also provide webhooks and inbound emails.

The integration possibilities are endless...


Slack & Postpone. A Love Story.

We are huge fans of Slack. We never need to leave our channels to create tasks in Postpone and we are directly notified in Slack when something happens in Postpone.


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Keeping a to-do list short is a fundamental working skill. You should start now...

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